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The capital city of Norway was established in the eleventh century by Emperor Harald Hardråde. In ancient times, the city was burned down several times, and each time it emerged more robust than before. Oslo is considered a global city and the major Norwegian hub for trading, shipping and banking.

Location: Oslo is positioned at the northernmost end of the Oslofjord and occupies around 40 big & small islands within its limits. The climate of the region is temperate and humid. Due to the pleasant weather, tourists visit Oslo throughout the year.

Most of Norway's government offices and buildings are in Oslo.

Norwegians primarily use Norwegian to communicate with one another. Norway has two official languages, Norwegian and Sami, although Sami is not a language spoken by most inhabitants of Oslo.

The official language of Norway is Norwegian. Most people understand and speak English very well, and can also understand Swedish and Danish. It is not uncommon for Norwegians to have some knowledge of German, French or Spanish.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream bringing temperate water from the Gulf of Mexico, Oslo's climate is milder than what its latitude would imply.

Many people see Oslo as the winter capital. But Oslo is just as much a summer city: On nice summer days the small boats crowd the Oslo Fjord and the parks are full of picnickers – Oslo's citizens really make the most of it when the sun appears.

Summer (June–August): 
Average temperatures: 13,0 to 22,3°C
Min. temperature: 3,5°C 
Max. temperature: 34,6°C 

Autumn (September–October):
Average temperatures: 3,8 to 15,7°C 
Min. temperature: -9,4°C 
Max. temperature: 23,4°C 

The Norwegian currency is Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express are widely accepted cards in Norway, and are the preferred mode of payment among the locals, rather than cash.


Must see in Oslo
Explore Oslo's architecture, museums and other attractions. 

1. Oslo City Hall
2. Ibsen Museum
3. Norwegian Museum of Cultural History
4. The Kon-Tiki Museum
5. Akershus Fortress and Castle
6. Vigeland Sculpture Park
7. Fram Museum
8. The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet
9. The National Museum
10. Stortinget - The Parliament
. The Royal Palace

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