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Submission Guidelines for Poster Presentations

NFH Norwegian Section invites authors to submit abstracts for selection and inclusion in the Scientific Programme of the NFH Biannual Congress 2023, in Oslo, Norway, August 31th – September 1st 2023.

The deadline for abstract submission is Thursday June 1st 2023. Abstracts received after that date will not be evaluated. Please send your abstract to

Submission Guidelines

1. Abstracts can be submitted for selection and inclusion as a scientific poster or case report within the area of Special Care Dentistry.

2. Maximum five authors can be included in one abstract. Include the authors’ full names and affiliations. The family NAMEs should be written  in capitals and the given names in the lower case. Please mark the name of the presenting author with a star*. The name of the corresponding author, including e-mail address, should be underlined.

3. The abstract cannot be modified after submission. You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation.

4. Abstracts should contain no more than 300 words (excluding the title, authors and affiliation) and must be written in English and structured in the following format:

a. ​TITLE: The title must give a clear incication of the content and be a maximum of 25 words.

b. AIM: An introductory sentence indicating the objectives and purpose of the presentation.

c. MATERIALS (or SUBJECTS) AND METHOD: A description of the methodology.

d. RESULTS: A summery of the results.

e. CONCLUSIONS: A statement of the study's conclusions.

f. Figures, tables and illustrations may not be included in the abstract.


5. It is the submitting author's responsibility to ensure that the abstract is accurate and well written.

6. Notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent by email to the corresponding author by April 1st 2023.  If you have not received information concerning the abstract by that date, please contact:

7. The presenter of the abstract must register and pay the conference fee before the deadline to be included in the final programme.

8. All poster presenters will receive a certificate at the end of the conference.

9. Posters should not exceed the following size: Height = 120 cm, width = 90 cm.

Deadline Abstract: June 1st 2023

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